Festival of Russian Culture “RussenKo”, (2012, France)

On January 28, 2012 the most successful experimental theater performance “No Words” was shown in the theater “Ekam” in the frames of the III Festival of Russian Culture “RussenKo”. (The authors of this production: director — Tim Kuljabin, choreographer — Irina Lyakhovskaya).

The inclusion of this performance in the festival program was the result of the French council of experts. The program “RussenKo” also includes exhibition of Russian photographers, a large program of new products of the Russian author%u2019s cinema, meetings with artistic people from Russia.

The festival is organized and carried out in formally other city — Kremlin-Bic%EAtre (a separate Municipality), once the former suburb of Paris, and now situated already in its line (the actual distance till Paris — few meters and till Paris shrine of Notre Dame de Paris — 4 km only). Greater Paris theatergoers appreciated the spectacle, which became equally interesting and understandable to both the Russian-speaking audience, as well as native French. Indeed, during the whole plastic performance- experiment — eight dramatic artists don%u2019t say a single word. For the creative team that worked on the production, the main purpose was to research other means of expression. As the authors Timothy Kuljabin (director) and Irina Lyakhovskaya (choreographer) explain the idea of “No Words” — “when we are overtaken by love words are powerless”.