Building: 2004—2008 reconstruction

The building of the «Red Torch» represents historical and architectural value. It was projected by famous Novosibirsk architect Andrey Khryachkov and was built in 1914 as the Merchants’ Council (or Commerce club) in a complicated stylistics of empire with modern elements and Russian style elements. It was the biggest and the most beautiful hall in the city, and here the most important cultural events such as: tours, concerts, amateur troupes performances were taking place. One of the first big buildings appeared in Novosibirsk, it’s still one of the most interesting and beautiful. In 1918 the building started to be called «The house of revolution». Here Worker’s Council, Soldiers and Peasants Deputes Council and Red Guards Headquarters were situated. Since 1923 it’s functioning as city «Culture palace» again (and that time it’s called as «Working Palace»).

Since 1932 the mobile theatre «Red Torch» starts leading it’s stationary life here.

From 1935 to 37 the building has been reconstructed for the theatre specially: they have made the stage box. Elevation of the building was changed that time as well. The next reconstruction took place in the year 52 — and also added something new. The last update 2004—2008 became really global, because the building was re-constructed almost on the whole: almost all secular overlaps were changed, totally new small stage was build, and many Khryachkov’ original elements (the balcony in the Big Hall, bays in the walls of the first floor, modeling) were restored. So the building started resembling the atmosphere of the last century detached house.

Building, restoration, project and montage organizations were working at the reconstruction:

  • Sibirian institute «Sibspecprojectrestavration» (the director Peter Zibajlo),
  • State Unitary Enterprise of Novosibirsk region «Capital building Management» (the director Pavel Nefedov),
  • LLC «Drama technologies center» (the director Natalya Penus),
  • LLC «Sibstroy» (the director Valery Kozhukhov),
  • Capital building department of the main department of accomplishment and planting of greenery (the director Juri Alexeevsky),
  • Scientifically-productional center for storing historical-cultural heritage (the director Gennady Blukke),
  • LLC «Ipsylone» (the director Valery Pikalov),
  • LLC «Lockard»,
  • LLC «Third electromontage department „Sibelectromontage“» (the director Rim Latifullin),
  • LLC «Company’s group „Profile“» (the director Oleg Kuznetsov),
  • LLC «Ilmisprom» (the director Bahtiyar Halil ogli Iskanderov),
  • Chief department of accomplishment and planting of greenery of the city administration (Deputy Department Director Boris Guber).

The project was financed by Novosibirsk region administration and private investors as well. The common budget of the reconstruction is more than 300 million rubbles.