Сharitable foundation of V. P. Redlih

Vera Pavlovna Redlikh is the first- rate director of XX century in Siberia, People’s Actress of USSR was leading the «Red Torch» in the 50-ies. Her name is in the history of Russian Drama Art. She brought the fame of «Siberian MkHAT» to the «Red Torch».

Charity fund named in her honor was created to organize the financial support of the most important projects of the "Red Torch«- helping the oldest actors of the theatre and the staff, providing charity performances for socially unprotected people, creating new projects, organizing tours around Russia and abroad, modernizing stage equipment, reconstructing the building.

Founders of the Fund: People’s Actress of the USSR Anna Yakovlevna Pokidchenko, Director of the theatre Alexander Prokopyevich Kuliabin, Honorary Actor of Russia Vladimir Yevgenyevich Lemeshonok, Honorary Actor of Russia Igor Afanasyevich Belozerov, Deputy Director for general issues Alla Jurievna Zakharchenko, Deputy Director for marketing Tamara Alexeevna Jahontova.

Charity financial support is the most important source of support for Novosibirsk Drama Art development. It’s the possibility for all inhabitants to help the culture and art of the city, to bring something into drama history of the capital of Siberia.

Fund Address: Novosibirsk, Lenin street , 19

Lenin street , 19 Lenin street , 19

Bank account:

TIN 5407246293
CPP 540701001
s/a 40703810200150000092
«Novosibirsky» branch of
PC «
BIC 045004774
c/a 30101810600000000774

Acting as the director of V.P. Redlikh Fund — Tamara Alexeevna Yahontova (t. 210-01-64)

Takings to the Fund are not taxed upon and are for the purpose of use for creative and humanitarian projects of the theatre.