Valery Grishko

    He finished director’s department of Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy (G. A. Tovstoganov’ course). He worked in Tomsk, Kemerovo, Saratov, Vilnius theatres. In 1985 he started working in St. Petersburg Academic Drama Theatre of V.F. Comissarjevskaja name. He is well known both in Russia and abroad. Since 1991 he actively cooperates with Hamburg Ernst Deutsch Theater.

    From April 2003 to April 2005 Valery was the Chief Director of the «Red Torch».

    His works in different theatres: «The Barber of Seville» by P. Bomarshe, «Tattooed Rose» by T. Williams, «The Devil’s Disciple» by Bernard Show, etc.(Kursk Pushkin Drama Theatre); «The Lower Depths» by Maxim Gorki, «Beda ot nejnogo serdca» by F. Sologub etc. (Kemerovo Regional Drama Theatre of A. V. Lunacharsky name); «One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest» by K. Kesey (Vilnius Theatre of Russian Drama, Krasnoyarsk Drama Theatre); «Zikovi» by M. Gorky, «Happy Birthday, Wanda June» by K. Vonnegut, «Adam and Eve» by M. Bulgakov, «The Idiot» by F. Dostoevsky, «A Month in the Village» by I. Turgenev, «Andorra» by M. Frisch (the best play of the theatre) etc. (Comissarjevskaja Theatre); «A Dog’s Heart» by M. Bulgakov, «Three Sisters» by A. Chekhov, «Amadeus» by P. Sheffer, «The Life of Galileo» by B. Brecht, «Figaro» by P. Bomarshe etc. (Ernst Deutsch Theater, Hamburg).