Nana Abdrashitova


    In 2001 graduated from the faculty of theater set design of RATA, art scholl by Sergey Barkhin.

    Got up more than 20 performances in Russia and abroad. Her cooperation with Riga theatre of Russian drama and his artistic director Andrey Prikotenko was long and fruitful. She was nominated as the best stage designer for the National theatre Prize of Latvia “Actors’ Night” for the performance “The Magic humpback horse”.

    She is one of the creators of the enterprise Bell Arte which has maiden musical performances in “Arkhangelskoe” in cooperation with the Cartier jewelry.

    Worked with many directors such as Nina Chusova, Mark Rozovsky, Andrey Prikotenko, Leonid Beljavsky, Timofey Kuljabin.

    In 2010 graduated from the Superior course of script writers and directors, school of live-action and non-live-action cinema V.I. Khotinenko.

    Works in the «Red Torch»: