Timothy Rjabushinsky

    Production designer

    In 2010 he graduated from the School-studio MHAT (O. Sheinitz studio, directors A.V. Kondratiev and V.I. Shilkrot).

    Since 2010 – post-graduate student of RATA-SITA, faculty of scenography. Teacher at the course of the professor S.F. Morozov.

    Works at theatres:

    • «Lonely West» by M. Macdonough’s play. Directed by Tufan Imamutdinov (Theatre of Nations, Moscow, 2011),
    • «Shosha» by the novel of I. Zinger. Directed by Tufan Imamutdinov (Theatre of Nations, Moscow, 2011),
    • «Love. Letters» By A. Gurney’s play (Moscow drama theatre named after A. Pushkin, 2011),
    • «Illusions» by I. Viripaev’s play. Directed by Alexander Khuhlin (Krasnoyarsk theatre named after A.S. Pushkin, 2011),
    • «Marriage» by N. Gogol’s play. Directed by Tufan Imamutdinov (National theatre Tyrgu-Muresh, Tyrgy-Muresh, Romania, 2011),

    Participants of expositions:

    • «Your Chance» (2009, 2010 UTW),
    • «Russian Shakespeare». NorthernStage, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. (2010),
    • «Art project. Diplomas» ( 2010, Artistic lyceum of Russian Academy of Arts),
    • «Klin 6» (branch of the Museum named after Bahrushin), expositions of young theatre artists of the Festival «Baltic seasons»-2011.

    Laureate of the Prize “Your Chance” – 2011 of the UTW RF (Grand Prix “Best scenographic work) for the model and sketches to the play “Sirano de Bergerac” by E. Rostan).

    Work at the "Red Torch":