Olga Atmadzas

    Costume designer

    In 2005 she graduated from the theater and set design department of the Academy of Fine Arts named after I.Repin — workshop by E. Kochergin.

    As a costume designer worked on the productions:

    • "Bella, ciao!", АBDT named after Tovstonogov, directed by D. Egorov,
    • "Macbeth" by W. Shakespeare, St.Petersbourg Theatre on Vasilievsky,
    • "Sky of abandoned" by Y. Poljakov, St.Petersbourg Theatre on Vasilievsky, directed by A. Uteganov,
    • "Thunderstorm" by W. Shakespeare, Pushkin center, St.Petersbourg,
    • "Marble", Theatre "Over the black river", St.Petersbourg, directed by I. Stavisky,
    • "The beautiful far away", Altay youth theatre, directed by D. Egorov,
    • "Bad guys" R. And M. Cooney, Altay drama theatre named after Shukshin, directed by D. Egorov,
    • "Firthree", Theatre Lensovet, St.Petersbourg, directed by D. Egorov, Е. Gorokhovskaya,
    • "Mystifier" by P. Khotjanovsky and I. Garuchava, Norilsk drama theatre named after V.V. Majakovsky,
    • "Exhibits" by V. Durnenkov, Omsk academic drama theatre, directed by D. Egorov,
    • "Piglet and Crucian crap child" by Y, Klavdiev, Kansk drama theatre,
    • "Talents and admirers" by A. Ostrovsky, Minusinsk drama theatre, directed by Pavel Zlobin.