Nikolay Gorbunov

    In 2002 graduated from the specialized theatrical school named after Shchepkin, actor’s faculty.

    2002 — 2004 — worked as an actor at Moscow «New drama theatre».
    2004 — 2006 — at the theatre «On Litejny»
    2006 — January 2009 — worked as an actor and practiced in stage direction at the master A.M. Prikotenko at Riga Russian drama theatre named after M.Chekhov.

    Director’s and assistant’s works at Riga Russian drama theatre:

    • L. Andreev "Days of our life«/ director’s assistant; production director — А. Prikotenko;
    • G. Amadu «Donna Flor and her two husbands» / director’s assistant, adaptation co-author; production director — А. Prikotenko;
    • P. Ershov «The magic humpbacked horse» / production director;
    • G. Berka «Gagarin way» / production director.