Irina Lyakhovskaya

    Russian and International Drama Festivals certified, International Shakespeare Festival prize winner (Gdansk, Poland), International Drama Festival «Drama Island» (St. Petersburg, Russia).

    She has finished St. Petersburg Culture University (People’s Actress of Russia B. Bregvadze course) and post-graduated from Russian Drama Art Academy (Honorary Man of Culture professor V. Filshtinsky studio).

    Cooperates with famous Russian and foreign theatres-from Riga, St. Petersburg, Omsk, Yaroslavl, Petrozavodsk etc. The plays staged with her taking part in, were often becoming the «Golden Soffit» (the Highest Drama Award of St. Petersburg) prize winners.

    • D. Salimsyanov «Jolly Roger» / Production choreographer (2008)
    • W. Shakespeare «Macbeth» / Production сhoreographer (2008)
    • M. Lermontov «Masquerade» / Production choreographer (2009)
    • Richard Bayer «Suitcases background Step» / Хореограф-постановщик (2009)
    • M. Lermontov «Masquerade» / Production choreographer (2010)
    • «No words» / (2010)