Evgeny Ganzburg

    Lights man

    Honorary Person of Culture of Russia

    Нas worked at more than 150 plays and shows in different theatres of the country. Among them are- MKhAT in the name of Chekhov, Alexandrinsky theatre, Big Drama theatre in the name of G. Tovstoganov, Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre, «The Globe», Omsk Drama Theatre, Lensoviet theatre, Vasilyev’ Island Satire theatre, Theatre- festival «Baltic House», Theatre at Liteyny, St. Petersburg Comedy theatre in the name of N. Akimov, «Music- hall» theatre, «SamArt», Samara drama theatre etc.

    Is working with the leading drama directors: D. Chernyakov, J. Butusov, V. Pasi, A. Praudin, A. Prikotenko, V. Filshtinsky, R. Kosak, G. Vasilyev, S. Spivak, E. Nevezhina, V. Zolotar, V. Gvozdkov.

    Is leading the Creative Workshop «Light for the theatre» in St. Petersburg.

    The plays, decorated by Ganzburg became the diploma winners and prize winners of the «Golden Mask» many times, Highest Drama Award of St. Petersburg «Golden Sofit» winners as well.

    • W. Shakespeare «Macbeth» / Light designer (2008)
    • O. Antonov «Mortal Trick» / Choreography (2008)
    • M. Lermontov «Masquerade» / Light designer (2009)
    • M. Lermontov «Masquerade» / Light designer (2010)
    • Jean-Baptiste Moliere «Parvenu» / (2010)