Oleg Glushkov

    Finished Omsk Musical Theatre ballet studio, after that was working there as a ballet dancer. He entered GITIS (professor L. M. Talankina’ studio) in the year 1998. Since 1998 was working as a dancing-master in GITIS (O.L. Kudryashov, S.V. Jenovach, A.V. Sbruev, M.A. Zakharov, L.E. Kheifets courses).

    Staged the following plays: «Mademoiselle Netush» by F. Erve (V. V. Ivanov, the director) in the Vakhtangov Theatre, «Slavyanskije bezumstva» («Slavic Madness») by B. Nushich (R. S. Samgin, the director), «The Cavalier of the Rose» by J. Nestroy (R. S. Samgin, the director), «Happy life and sad death of the French actress Adrienne Le’Couvrer» by E. Scribe (R. S. Samgin, the director) in the Theatre On Malaya Bronnaya, «Miss Jolie» by A. Strindberg (A. S. Konchalovsky, the director), «King Leer» by W. Shakespeare (A. S. Konchalovsky, the director, leading actor- Daniel Olbrijsky) in Warsaw, «Measure for Measure» by W. Shakespeare (A. N. Pershin, the director) in «UpART» theatre, GITIS students’ plays.