Igor Grigurko

    «Modest man working in immodest genre». «Workaholic and swinger». "Talent bordering with Genius«- these are a small part of the characteristics that Igor’ colleagues give him. He works not only as the director of plastic arts, but he stages dancing performances, acrobatics, pop programs, street performances, shows and even defile.

    An Actor, director, choreographer, the laureate and prize winner of various international festivals and contests, the founder and artistic director of the unique theatre of Plastic Drama «CheloVEK» of Nelly Dugar-Jabon’ name, Igor Griurko has a huge experience of working with actors all over the world.

    He was invited as the director of plastic arts to the independent Moscow project «Ladies» night" (with Basharov, Kucenko, Maryanov and other stars), but, unfortunately, he had to refuse because of the lack of time. However, he liked the play itself and he accepted the invintation of the «Red Torch» to work on the play «For Women Only!!!» with pleasure.