Nikolay Yakimov

    He is a composer, author and performer of his own songs; since ’85 he specializes in musical arrangement of the plays. He is also a specialist in sound production of the concerts, art festivals, show-programs, fashion shows, street festivals, pyrotechnic shows in St. Petersburg, Tsarskoye Selo, Moscow, Petrozavodsk, Budapest, Nizza and other cities. He worked on the musical arrangement of more than 40 plays in Russia and beyond its bounds. He is accompanying musical and theatrical groups on tours or goes on tours by himself over the world to Poland, England, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, France, Israel, and Czechia.

    He makes experiments with the guitar, experiments with duets and ensembles, with classical, folklore and electronic instruments, uses exotic musical devices such as bells on the fingers or the Indian horn. He is burning Cd’s and creating his school. In 1993 the creative union «ASiA» appeared. His friends and like-minded people, song writers Tatiana Aleshina, Alexander Derevyagin, Elena Frolova are the members of «ASiA» Union. Since 2001 Nikolay Yakimov is the art-director of «Modern Art Studio» «ASiA-Plus».

    He was working with Andrei Prikotenko on «Antigone», «The Servant of Two Masters», «Elsinor», and «Tartuf».