Stephania-Hanalda Graurogkayte

    Costume designer

    She was born in Kaunas (Lithuania). From 1978 to 1979 she was studying in the studio of Kaunas Drama Theatre (I. Vaitcus). She finished Vilnius Arts Academy in 1989. She is an artist, painter, graphic artist, puppeteer, she works with decorative textiles. She worked with the directors: V. Tumanov, R. Smirnov, A. Galibin, T. Kazakova, A. Morfov, G. Vasyliev. She has mounted more than 30 plays in Russian theatres.

    In 1994 she brought back to life traditional Christian art exhibitions of Kaunas Theological Seminary. She decorated many interiors of the Seminary. She is a constant participant of exhibitions in St. Petersburg, Sweden, Lithuania, Germany, and USA. «Stephania» means «flower diadem». According to Orthodoxy «Stephanida» means «crowned winner». Stephania says she started to draw late, when she was 23 already. And when she was 30 she brought the cassock made by herself to Roman Catholic Priest. During the daily service the priests are wearing clothes of different colors: green, lilac, white. The Cardinal came out and said: «I admire this precious cloth».

    Stephania Graugkayte can stylize the scenic image in any manner- from Ecofriendly to Granzh and Glamour. She is an author of the costumes for many sensational productions. «Edip-tsar» in the Theatre on Liteyniy, «The Storm» in Comissarjrvskaja Theatre, «Gol» in White Theatre, «MDT-European Theatre» will open the season with «Duck Hunt» in the year 2006. The characters will be dressed in Stephania’ pseudo-hippy’s costumes of the 70-ies.

    In the «Red Torch» she was working on the costumes for «Tarfuf» in Andrei Prikotenko’ production. Stephania is his constant co-author.

    • J.-B. Moliere «Tartuf» / (2005)