Andrey Prikotenko

    He is the laureate of the higher theatrical award of St. Petersburg «Golden Soffit Prize-2002» in the nomination «Best Production». He is the laureate of the «Golden Mask-2003» in the nomination «Special Prize of the Jury».

    He finished Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy (V. M. Filtishinsky’ course) and staged his graduation play «Sanka, Sanechka, Alexander» by U. Rogozin in Novosibirsk theatre «The Old House».

    He worked in Orlov Academic Theatre of I. S. Turgenev’ name where he staged three plays: «Maugli» by R. Kipling (his own direction), «The Little Humpbacked Horse» by Ershov, «Days of Our Life» by L. Andreyev.

    In 2002 in «Theatre on Liteyniy Studio» the premiere of «Edip-tsar» by Sophocles tragedy took place. The play was awarded by higher theatrical prize of St. Petersburg "Golden Soffit Prize«-2002 in the nomination «Best Production», «Special Prize of the Jury» of the festival «Golden Mask» in 2003.

    His works: «Dance of Death» by A. Strindberg (Training Theatre SPATI, autumn 2002); «Winnie-The-Pooh and All, All, All» by Alan Alexander Milne (December 2002); «Elsinor» based on «Hamlet» by W. Shakespeare (Moscow «New Drama Theatre», april 2003); «Servant Of Two Masters» by Carlo Goldoni (Theatre on Liteyniy Studio«, march 2004); «Antigone» by Sophocles («Theatre on Liteyniy Studio», December 2004).

    • J.-B. Moliere «Tartuf» / Director (2005)
    • Vadim Bochanov «Silvestre» / Stage-director (2010)