Alexander Savchuyk

    He finished actor’s department of Krasnoyarsk Arts Institute (I. B. Kalinovskaya’ course) in 1999, same year he entered St. Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy (Gennady Trostanetsky’ course) and finished it in 2004. He is the Scholar of V. E. Meyerhold Center (Moscow). Among his favorite professors are Trostyanetsky, Valery Galendeyev, and Uri Butusov.

    His graduation play «The Chairs» by E. Ionesko was staged in the theatre «Comedians» (St. Petersburg).

    His works: «Another Man» by Peter Gladilin (Riga), «Winter» by Evgeny Grishkovets (SPASTI). He is co-author of the project «Losers» which he calls a «paranoiac skit», a «psychedelic show». It’s based not on the play but consists of different pieces of: ads, political slogans, famous quotations.