Riccardo Sottili

    Italian director, artistic director and director of Florentine municipal theatre «Occupacioni Farseske». He is the follower of European fiction theatre, he took his creative credo from Michel Montagnais «All the things we do in life are mainly farce». Despite of that his repertoire is occupied mostly by serious drama plays. The irony towards life and the theatre is one of the main bases of his creativity.

    22 years ago he entered the faculty of languages and literature of Florentine University because of his curiosity; he had a lesson of Russian language and as a result became a specialist in Russian Philology. He began a career in the theatre as an actor; he staged his first play in 1987. It was based on Mayakovsky with the topic of suicide (the murder-by Riccardo’ version) of the poet.

    His major productions in Italy: «Two or Three Hundred Years After» (collage based on Chekhov’ works), «A Confession» by L. Tolstoy, «The Gospel from Jesus Christ» by Jose Semarang, «Tango» by S. Mrozhek. Among his works are also plays by Block, Bulgakov etc.

    Since 1991 he actively cooperates with St Petersburg Theatre- Festival «Baltic House». Many of his Italian plays were performed in St. Petersburg.

    In 2003 he staged «Henry the IV» by L. Pirandello in the «Baltic House» theatre (St. Petersburg).