Uri Pakhomov

    He finished director’s department of GITIS in 1998 (A. Burdonsky’, E. Bistristkaja’ course). From 1991 to 1993 he was working on probation of Roman Viktuk in Vahtangov Theatre.

    He staged plays in Kiev, Lvov, Novokuznetsk, Bryansk, Vitebsk, etc. His major works: «George Danden» by Moliere, «Biloxi Blues» by N. Simon, «Janne D’Ark» by U. Ribchinsky, A. Tatarchenko, «The Taming of the Shrew» by W. Shakespeare, «Love Laboratory» by A. Gladilin, «Vienna Chair» by N. Kolyada, «The Threepenny Opera» by A. Brecht, «Ladybirds» by V. Sigarev etc.

    Since 2002 Uri is the Chief Director of Tomsk Drama Theatre.