Vladimir Zolotar

    He finished Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy (Gennady Trostyanetsky’ course). He is the laureate of St. Petersburg Theatrical Prize «Drama- lover-2000» in the nomination «Best Director’s Debut». He is the founder of St. Petersburg Mikhail Chekhov Theatre and one of the co-founders of the Union of Right Russian theatres. He got Grand Pri and Diploma for the best production of the IV International Theatrical Festival of chamber plays (Karelia, 2002).

    Since 2002 to 2008 he was the Chief Director of Altai Drama Theatre of V. M. Shukshin’ name.

    He is the laureate of «Artistic search» prize of the III Interregional Theatrical Festival «Siberian Transit» (Omsk, 2003).

    His works: «Eric the XIV» by A. Strindberg, «The Dumb Waiter» by Harold Pinter, «What Happened in the Zoo?» by E. Olby («Villa Theatre», St. Petersburg), «Fro» by A. Platonov’ prose (Lensoviet Theatre, St. Petersburg), «Ruble and dollar» by M. Ferraro (Cosmopolitan-theatre, St. Petersburg), «Freken Julie» by A. Strindberg («Comedians» theatre, St. Petersburg), «Changing the Guard» by H. Pinter (Tomsk Drama Theatre), «Old-fashioned Landlords» by Gogol, «Nummifarce» based on «NUMMISUUTARIT» (The Heath Cobblers) by A. Kivi (National Theatre of Karelia Republic, Petrozavodsk city), «The Magnanimous Cuckold» by F. Crommelynck, «Romeo and Juliet» by W. Shakespeare (Altai Drama Theatre, Barnaul).