Albert Albert

    He finished Musical Academy of Y. Vitol’ name (Riga). He studied in «Expressive plastic arts» class of Gennady Abramov in «Drama Arts School» Theatre (professor Anatoly Vasilyev).

    In 1997 together with his colleagues he organized the group PO.V.S.TANCI and became the constant author and member of its projects. The actors of the group were learning modern dance from such famous foreign teachers as Rusty Lester (Austria), Kirsty Simson (USA), David Zambrano (Venezuela), Anzu Furukava (Japan), Sasha Waltz (Germany), Andrew Harwood (Canada), Vera Mantero (Portugal), Margarita Gerte (USA), Franz Paelstra (Holland), Francisco Camacho (Portugal). The group was performing on Pushkin&Goethe, Pro — Dvizhenije, PERFECT festivals; took the lead in organization and participated in the improvisational performance of independent dance team «Kipling» (Yekaterinburg); took part in Moscow theatre-laboratory’ projects «Theatre of Sayra Blanshe», russian-austrian dance performance «Landscape Strategy; cooperated with saxophonist S. Letov and pianist O. Bogussevich. The group went on tours within the bounds of Russia and to Europe. Independent group projects: «Far away, far away», «The Plantain», «Permission of Yourself», «Leaves tel».

    He worked on the plays «Antigone», «Revealing Polaroid Photos» and «In the Pupil of the Eye» (Pushkin Theatre), «Plasticine» (Dramatic Art and Production Center of M. Roshin and A. Kazance), «The Taming of the Tamer» (Lenkom).

    • Vladimir Sorokin «Dostoevsky-trip» / Хореограф-постановщик (2003)
    • Aristophan «Lisistrata SE» / Хореограф-постановщик (2003)