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The theatre was found in April 1920 in Odessa by the group of young actors headed by the director Vladimir Constantinovich Tatishev. «Red Torch» has been working as a mobile theatre for 11 years and in the year 1932 it becomes the first permanent theatre in Novosibirsk.

It’s was the first theatre in the city. It played an important role adding to the capital of Siberia’ cultural outlook. It also made up high esthetical level for other artistic centers’ formation. Such outstanding personalities of the country as People’s Actress of Russia Vera Redlikh, People’s Actor of USSR Evgeny Matveev, People’s Actor of Russia Vladlen Birukov, Honorary Actors of Russia Anatoly Solonitsin, Andrey Boltnev, Anatoly Losev etc. are connected with the «Red Torch».

«Red Torch» was created as a group open for any scenic ideas of the time — Meyerhold, Stanislavski, Tayrov. Today it is still faithful to Russian drama art traditions at the same time it’s always open for the search and experiment.

There are 38 actors in the troupe — People’s Actress of USSR Anna Pokidchenko, two People’s Actors of Russia and 13 Honorary Actors of Russia are among them.

There are two halls in the theatre: The Big one (for 510 seats) and Small one (for 120 seats), both halls are equipped with modern technical devices. The big-scaled reconstruction conducted in 2004—2008 made the theatre back to the way it looked before (as detached house of the last century).

In the year 2001 the theatre takes the lead in realization of the festival «Siberian Transit» — which was acknowledged in 2005 as the best director’s project in the sphere of culture and art at Intercultural festival «Diaghilev seasons: Perm—Petersburg—Paris» (The author of the idea is the Director of the «Red Torch» Alexander Kulyabin). Siberian Transit brought back to life tour activities of Siberian theatres and became the first step of creation for the single regional cultural space. «Red Torch» became the prize winner of the festival in 2001, 2005 and 2007.

Four times the plays of the theatre were nominated for the National Drama Award «The Golden Mask»: in 1998 («Zoyka’s Appartment» by M. Bulgakov), 1999 («Ivonne, the Princess of Burgundy» by B. Gombrovitch), 2001 («Three Sisters» by A. Chekhov) and 2007 («Tartuffe» by J.-B. Moliere).

Since 2003 the theatre issue monthly newspaper «Theatrical Avenue».

In 2004 and 2005 «Red Torch» became one of the first participants of President’s program «Russian Theatre Abroad Support» and organized the tour around Siberia for two troupes from the near abroad (Kirgizia and Uzbekistan).

The theatre is on tours. During the last time «Red Torch» has performed in USA, Finland, Poland, Greece, China and Germany. And in many cities of Siberia: Barnaul, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg, Omsk and Tomsk.

Took part in both international and Russian festivals:

  • 1999 — IV International festival in the name of V. Gombrovitch in Radom («Ivonne, the Princess of Burgundy» by V. Gombrovitch),
  • 2001 — International festival NET (New European Theatre) in Moscow («President wives» by V. Shvaba),
  • 2004 — International festival «Days of Russian Culture in Germany» in Munich and Berlin («Dostoevsky-trip» by V. Sorokin),
  • 2006 — Modern British Drama festival in Moscow, joint project of the «New Drama» festival and British Council in Russia («Portia Coughlan» by Marina Carr),
  • 2007 — First All-rusian festival «Volga Drama Seasons» in Samara («Queen of Spades» by A. Pushkin).
  • 2008 — International festival «Days of Russian Culture in Bulgaria» in Burgas and International festival «Warna Summer» («Queen of Spades» by A. Pushkin).

International productions during the last time: «Richard the III» (Italian director Riccardo Sottili, 2005), «Portia Coughlan» (English director Jan Willem van den Bosh, 2006).

In 2007 we took a course in Novosibirsk State Drama Institute (the head of the course — People’s Actor of Russia Alexander Zikov, chief director of the theatre, the teachers: director Timothy Kuliabin, People’s Actress of Russia Galina Alehina, People’s Actor of Russia Igor Belozerov and Honorary Actor of Russia Vladimir Lemeshonok).

Chief Director of the theatre — People’s Actor of Russia Alexander Zikov (is leading the theatre since 2006).

Director of the theatre — Alexander Kuliabin (is heading the theatre since 1999).