Jolly Roger

D. Salimsyanov / pirate action for the kids of primary school age / Large hall

    Rating: 7+
    Duration — 1:45
    The premiere took place on 25 December, 2008


    Character's and person's:

    Our new fairytale for the kids — is a cheerful musical story about true friendship and unbelievable sea adventures.

    There are two companies of charming and funny pirates: "Sea wolves" (the boys) and "Sea cats" (the girls). As the real filibusters they are fighting for the map of the Treasure Island. But it occurs so that the sea cadets of the two fighting companies are in love. The kids will have an exciting journey over the seas, hard testings, and, foundation of the real treasure — true friendship. And as soon as the friends are together, any kind of danger is just a cheerful journey for them.