Speckled Hen

Tale for children at the age 3-8 based of Russian folk fairy-tale. / Small hall

    Rating: 3+
    Duration — 1:00
    The premiere took place on 27 December, 2011


    Character's and person's:

    Tale with what the childhood started. What is its secret?

    Why the Grandfather and the Grandmother first beats the egg and then cry about it? Have ever thought about it? Scientists gave many versions! Only children were never asked! But in vain! They have many ideas!

    Director Alexander Zykov invites your children to take part in active game with break of a golden egg, noise, running about, amazing playing in words and fireworks of fantasy that will not let become bored! At least you will attend at the performance where you don’t have to calm you child! Have fun, give hints and communicate the actors! No prohibitions!