For Women Only!!! (based on «Ladies Night»)

A. McCarten, S. Sinclair, J. Collair / the full monty in 2 acts / Large hall

    Rating: 18+
    Duration — 2:40
    The premiere took place on 9 December, 2005


    Character's and person's:

    The play written by two New Zealanders (Anthony Mc Carten, Stephen Sinclair) and one French (J. Collair) is an inflammatory funny story, humanly touching, flashing, but not vulgar. That is because it’s a life story. The plot is so well-known and relevant not for southern hemisphere’ inhabitants only…

    This is a story of six young jobless metallurgists, spending all their time drinking in one cheep «Bernie’s» bar. Their wives and girlfriends left them…that’s not a life…that’s boredom… But once they see an advertisement of the full Monty in the newspaper and their life changes drastically! Young men decide to learn dancing striptease and organize their own strip-show with the «full Monty» by the way! For money? Or for women? For women only!

    Cheerfulness, humor and piquant situations. Charming characters and charming actors, of course. That’s why you should definitely see the play «For women only!!!»

    The music used:

    • Akon «Lonely».
    • Prodigy «Memphis bells» — two amateur performances in the 1 act.
    • Screamin Jay Hawkins «I Put a Spell On You» — Glenda’s appearance.
    • Touch And Go «Straight To… Number One» — practicing with Glenda.
    • Aaron Carter «Get Wild» — the beginning of the show.
    • In-Grid «In tango» — «dressing up» performance.
    • Prodigy «Spitfire» — the number with poles.
    • SNAP «The Power Of Bhangra» — «The Sailor».
    • Kylie Minogue «Your Disco Needs You» — the final performance.
    • And: Punk Brozz «Romanorum», Duija «Meet me at the lab», Touch And Go «Are You Talking About Me».