Three sisters

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov / Performance with three intervals. The performance goes with the subtitlings / Large hall
  • О спектакле


Character's and person's:

  • Prozorov Andrey Sergeyevich — Ilya Muzyko
  • Tuzenbakh Nikolay Lvovich — Anton Voynalovich
  • Natalya Ivanovna — Claudia Kachusova, Valeria Kruchinina
  • Olga — Irina Krivonos
  • Masha — Darya Yemelyanova
  • Irina — Linda Akhmetzyanova
  • Kulygin Fedor Ilyich — Denis Frank
  • Fedotik Alexey Petrovich — Alexey Mezhov
  • Vershinin Alexander Ignatyevich — Pavel Polyakov
  • Salty Vasily Vasilyevich — Konstantin Telegin
  • Chebutykin Ivan Romanovich — Andrey Chernykh
  • Rode Vladimir Karlovic — Sergey Bogomolov
  • Ferapont — Sergey Novikov
  • Anfisa — Elena Drinevskaya

The black comedy, the psychological drama, the thriller — four actions Chekhovian "Three sisters" directed by Timofey Kulyabin become the real parade of genres. And the farther, the change of mood and the atmosphere becomes sharper, the familiar Chekhovian keynotes sound more desperately.
To leave a provincial solitude, to serve science, to work — in Prozorov' family transferred by the director to the present all agree with each other and everyone aspires towards to happiness. As from this general rush the tragedy is born, to heroes of a performance to the final isn't let know — and not only because they really don't hear each other.