Fathers and Sons

Brian Friel (based on the novel by Ivan Turgenev "Fathers and Sons") / Large hall

    Rating: 16+
    Duration — 3:00
    The premiere took place on 13 April, 2013


    Character's and person's:

    Irish playwright, has long worked on the translation and adaptation of the Russian classic, created a play riddled incredible sympathy and pain and irony in relation to Russia.

    The plot of the novel by Ivan Turgenev intertwined with Chekhovian Motifs, growing to a grand “Russian myth”, while remaining lively and touching story about people.

    1859-th year. In Russia — the era of stagnation. About to abolish serfdom, just became open to universities, women and commoners, society breathes anticipation of change. And change something in the air time, but it is so strange, slow and ridiculous ... The space resembles a frozen theater plays with forgotten instruments and music stands. Once there was music, now will not play, and it is unclear whether that music should resound again or another come to replace it.

    In this “fault” and gets Bazarov — talented and doomed person. By the very fact of his visit to the estate as if he blows up the lake — and a large number of rivers began to flow out of it: a life in motion, makes sense, there is love. And even death Bazarov can not stop the flow.