Hedda Gabler

Henrik Ibsen / Small hall

    Rating: 18+
    Duration — 3:15
    The premiere took place on 15 May, 2012


    Character's and person's:

    Ten facts that are worth to know before you watch the play “Hedda Gabler”

    Fact I

    “Hedda Gabler”, play by Norwegian Henrik Ibsen, whose work was nourished by social processes of “the collapse of the old world” and the theme of “a strong man”. The drama was written and published in Munich in the determining 1890, year of resignation of the “Iron Chancellor” Otto Bismarck, when the internal consolidation of Germany started which resulted in the hell of the II World War. The first staging of the play, which took place almost immediately after the publication was cool accepted by the audience but today it is considered as the crown of Ibsen’s creative work, and one of the pillars of European classical drama. The heroine is a real person despising the scope and expectations of “real” world in which love can only destroy. Misunderstood by her sweet and gentle husband, seduced by the lustful family friend and unaccepted by her “good friend”, in her revolt against bourgeois vulgarity and limitedness Hedda sees the only way out in suicide. Ibsen says: — Please do not use that foreign word “ideal.” Say simply, our way: “lie”.

    Fact II

    “Melancholia” — psychological disaster film by Lars von Trier. Premiered on 18 May, 2011 at Cannes Film Festival. Melancholia is the name of the planet. It is ten times bigger than the Earth; it is approaching to it and can smash it into smithereens. Justine and Claire, sisters and antipodes are watching this process. The first has just got married and even during the wedding fell into a deep depression when realized that her husband, her family and future children made her sick. The second has her husband and a child, in contrast to her sister is emotionally and mentally stable, fears death and wants to live.

    The closer the end of the world is, the more sincere and real Justine becomes, and the faster the collapsing world of Claire’s stereotypes is collapsing. In the final the Melancholia covers the Earth and killed all — women, men and children. But for Trier, as well as for Justine, it’s not just a disaster and a tragedy, but also a moment of a real human liberation. “Melancholia” is a very personal and a very honest film of the most cunning director in the world. And it is certainly the first film in which the apocalypse without irony is a happy end, grand and very impressive.

    At the press conference after the premiere Lars von Trier jokingly called himself a “Nazi” and expressed his sympathy to Hitler, for which he was declared persona non grata at Cannes Film Festival.

    Awards and nominations. Cannes film festival: Palme d’Or (nomination), Best woman’s role (award); Hamptons International Film Festival: Best actor (award); Prize of European film academy: Best film (award), Best director (nomination), Best scenario (nomination), Best actress (nomination), Best cameraman’s work (award), Best production designer (award).

    Fact III

    Apocalypse (The Revelation of St.John the Divine) is a name of the last book of the New Testament. The book describes the events preceding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to the Earth, which will be accompanied by many miracles and disasters (fire from heaven, resurrection of the dead, appearance of angels), so the word “apocalypse” is often used as a synonym for the end of the world or for the catastrophe of global scale.

    The word “apocalypse” is also used for other works of similar nature in the literary genre of apocalyptic literature, for which prediction of future events is typical. From this word the terms apocalyptic postapocalyptic are formed, designating genres of science fiction, in which the actions are developed in the world during or after a global catastrophe, accordingly.

    Fact IV

    Asperger syndrome is a form of mental disorder, which is a lifelong dysfunction, affecting how a person perceives the world, processes information and relates to other people. Social naiveties, excessive honesty, combined with normal or high intellect are characteristic features.

    Syndrome sufferers do not apprehend jokes or sarcasm.

    Among people with this syndrome alcohol abuse, violent behavior, suicidal ideation, suicides are much more frequent.

    Symptoms: troubles with an “eye contact”: they look few in eyes, as it emotionally overloads an individual; obsessive and/or frightening thoughts, which a patient tries to get rid of with the help of soothing actions — rituals:

    misophobia — a fear of dirt, when each contact with “dirty” things is uncomfortable, and as a consequence — over-frequent washing of hands;

    arithmomania — an irrational need to count things.

    Historical persons, who possibly had Asperger syndrome:
    physicist Albert Einstein,
    physicist Isaak Newton,
    economist Vernon Smith (laureate of the Nobel Prize),
    director Steven Spielberg,
    painter Andy Warhol,
    naturalist Charles Darvin.

    People with Asperger syndrome may lack social cognition, but also they can evaluate what the rest of the world does not notice.

    FACT V

    “Lose Yourself” — the song of Eminem, considered as the best rapper of the whole period of hip-hop existence by online magazine Vibe. The paradox is that Eminem is the only white rapper who received worldwide recognition.

    The song was released in 2002 in the collection 8 Mile (OST) as the soundtrack to the autobiographical movie “8 Mile”, in which Eminem played a principal role. Autobiographical motifs of the song and the movie are close to each who has had a chance to change their lives, everyone who has been honest with himself, everyone who hoped and doubted but finally found life in the real creative work.

    Later “Lose Yourself” was reissued in the album of Eminem’s Greatest Hits Curtain Call: The Hits. He received many awards including Oscar in 2003 in the category “Best Soundtrack”. The song topped the Billboard Hot 100, also won the 166 position in the list of 500 greatest songs of all time, according to the magazine Rolling Stone.

    ? Оscar (2003),
    ? Golden globe (2003),
    ? Grammy (2003),
    ? Film award MTV (2003),
    ? BMI Film Music Award (2003),
    ? Most Performed Song from a Film (2003),
    ? Critics Choice Award (2003),
    ? Teen Choice Award (2003),
    ASCAP Award (2004 год).

    Fact VI

    “Mr. Brainwash” is a pen name of Thierry Guetta , the former second-hand clothes dealer and amateur of video filming, one of the best-selling and wealthy contemporary artists, who became such after communication with the best representatives of street-art, such as Banksy, Shepard Fairy, and others.

    First exposition called “Life is Beautiful” took place in Los-Angeles on 18 June 2008. In 2010 Phillips de Pury & Company Contemporary Art Sale carried out an auction in London, “Mr. Brainwash” was introduced by two “unique” works: the model Keith Moss was shown in the style of portrait painting, and painter’s marks were several strokes and splashes of red, pink and white colours — all this on the golden background; Albert Einstein against a background of a wall with inscriptions was represented at another canvas. As a result the works were sold much more expensive that they were evaluated before the auction. Finally the prices were $67 000 and $120 000 correspondingly. Supposed story history of creative development is shown in the film “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, Banksy, 2010.

    Artworks attributed to Thierry, strongly imitate the styles of famous street painters. “Mr. Brainwash” uses well-known pictures, many of which are protected by copyright, but he constantly changes the originals in different ways, by the hands of specially hired assistants, to whom he describes his ideas, in particular one of the most common techniques — transformation of the known iconographic work to a bar-code.

    In view of the above-described the phenomenon of “Mr. Brainwash” looks an amazing result of inability of a modern man to separate the true art of blatant conjunction, in a truly industrial scale.

    Fact VII

    Law of the Kingdom of Norway about the Firearms and Ammunition from 01.04.1963, the latest amendments from 28.12.2009

    Chapter 2. Purchase of weapons § 7

    Anyone who wants to buy or otherwise acquire a firearm or parts of weapons must be approved by the Chief of Police...

    The permit may be issued only to sober and reliable people who have serious reason to own a firearm, in the absence of such reasons the permit cannot be issued...

    Chapter 8. Fines and penalties § 33

    Any person who willfully or recklessly breaks the clauses prescribed in this Act shall be punished by fine or imprisonment for up to 3 months...

    ...illegal import, sale, purchase or keeping of firearms or ammunition, is punished by fine or imprisonment for up to 2 years...

    ...When making a decision about crime special attention is drawn to what weapon was used, particularly dangerous reasons and the reasons with socially destructive character are also considered.

    ...Complicity shall be punished in the same way.

    Fact VIII

    Truth is a reflection of an object by knowing subject, its reproduction as it supposedly exists in itself, as it were outside and independent of the knowing subject and its consciousness.

    Fact IX

    Love is a feeling, peculiar to a man, a deep affection towards another person or object, feeling of deep sympathy.

    Love is one of the fundamental and common themes in the world culture and art. Debates about love and its analysis as a phenomenon date back to ancient philosophical systems, and literary monuments to famous people.

    The ability to love at the higher animals can be shown in the form of affection, complex relationships of social type within the group, but in full measure it is controversial and has not been confirmed yet.

    Fact X

    About Brabant domestic industry... Brabant — is a region in the North-Western Europe. In the Middle Ages Brabant was famous with linen, woolen, tanning goods and lace especially.