Vadim Bochanov / Not a children’s story / Large hall

    Rating: 16+
    Duration — 3:00
    The premiere took place on 17 September, 2010


    Character's and person's:

    We thank the film studio «Siberian magician» » for the present video roller. Thank you!-))

    The outcome of the battle is determined by a lone hero, flying across the whole army of enemies. But how to introduce this daredevil to the king? Because he turns as a usual local crank curious where the sun rises.

    Characters of the performance are King and Queen, Comte and Colonel, Artist and Doctor, and, of course, the dreamer Silvestre himself – funny, somewhat eccentric and very touching. Their adventures will provoke your laugh and tenderness. Besides, everyone who meets this wise crank Silvestre becomes enlightened and happy.

    Live music executed by the artists themselves sounds at the show.

    In the performance one can hear:

    • Folk American ballade «The House Of The Rising Sun»
    • Vladimir Dashkevitch (mus.) / Yuly Kim «Come, fairy tale»
    • Nikolay Yakimov «Madman»
    • Nikolay Yakimov «Picasso-accent»
    • Giedrius Puskinigis «Indeniuku No.9»
    • Olafur Arnalds «Day IV — Allt var hjott»
    • Nikolay Yakimov «Guarder is drinking»
    • Nikolay Yakimov «Doctor’s language»
    • Nikolay Yakimov, Andrey Surotdinov «Doctor’s fear»
    • Ludovico Einaudi «Svanire»
    • Jean-Baptiste Lully «Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme»
    • People’s music of XVI c. «Spandolietta»
    • Nikolay Yakimov «Gate is yawned»
    • Giedrius Puskinigis «Indeniuku No.5»
    • Giedrius Puskinigis «Indeniuku No.7»
    • Nikolay Yakimov «Sexy»
    • John Zorn «Drama»
    • Giedrius Puskinigis «Harmonia De Sombra Para Cuerdas»
    • Marin Marais «Sonnerie De Ste. Genevi»
    • Gipsy people’s «Magnificat»