The Rainmaker

Richard Nash / Large hall

    Rating: 12+
    Duration — 2:25
    The premiere took place on 19 December, 2009


    Character's and person's:

    In hard rhythms of contemporary life we address to kind, touching and sincere story on all times. The well-known Broadway play «Seller of a rain» is very popular at many theatres of our country.

    Its main character, the charming adventurer, overturns by his appearance a life of a small town. He brings a long-awaited rain after a wearisome drought and magic love instead of painful emptiness.

    The heroine of this story will go through transformation one could only dream about. At the moment when she has almost despaired to find her happiness, a mysterious seller of a rain suddenly appears. No, it not the ending of the story but the beginning only: he will make her to believe that she is outstanding and desired. What is necessary for a woman to bloom and to realize all the hopes?

    Such ordinary miracles of performance invite us to reflect upon in what hands our fragile world should be stored. To rely upon whom: upon enamoured and somewhat eccentric or upon sober and prudent?

    Pavel Poljakov will perform a leading role in the performance. He is an actor of rare male charm who unites romantic touching and healthy sense of humour.