The Night Taxi Driver

R. Cooney / comedy in 2 acts / Large hall

    Rating: 16+
    Duration — 2:20
    The premiere took place on 27 December, 2003


    Have you ever got into absolutely absurd situations? You are at home, lying on your cozy sofa with your lovely wife and suddenly it flashes across your mind that you should be in the different place right now. Somewhere where another cozy sofa and another lovely wife are waiting for you. All your troubles are because of you being a sympathetic person. Not everyone would have rushed to save poor old lady from the night hooligans as you would do.

    Wait? Which old lady?

    The only way to understand everything is to watch the play. «The Night Taxi Driver» by Ray Cooney is the best example of a sitcom, full of excellent humor and actor’s ardour.