Ivan Turgenev / comedy in 2 acts / Small hall

    Rating: 12+
    Duration — 2:30
    The premiere took place on 12 June, 2009


    Character's and person's:

    • L. Akhmetzyanova, А. Murzaikina, I. Isaeva, L. Gaponenko, L. Shakrtova, Е. Zhirova, Е. Golubtsova, А. Morozova, S. Sabirov, S. Bogomolov, А. Tchernov, А. Kornev, А. Ruban, Е. Petrunin.

    The last premiere of the 89th season will be classics. Turgeniev’s play is incredibly modern because it’s written by genius. Wonderful language, colorful charactersm clever and exact approach to human’s nature, real psychology. Plus detective plat and the most important- amazing main character, whose fate we will see deep, whose life we’ll see in all fancifulness.

    A girl Olya leaves noble family’s estate, broken down nobleman Kuzovkin, who was the sponger in her father’s house, stays in their house. His life was not easy. But after 12 years Olga, already married, comes back to the family house. New high- society is laughing at Kuzovkin who was smth like a man of motley near late owners. And so our hero can’t bear that anymore and he says to everybody that Olga is his…