A school specializing in drama

D. Lipskerov / Small hall

    Rating: 18+
    Duration — 1:50
    The premiere took place on 25 February, 2009


    Character's and person's:

    We’ll see a desperate play of imagination in a Russian way accompanied by P. I. Tchaikovsky music. The play for two actors, after which there is a feeling there were minimum three. Knoble prince, masculine toreador, mysterious silent beauty Marilin with charming accent and languishing eyes. And many other characters, who will appear from nowhere. Empty gymnasium of the secondary school will be turning to hot Spain, or snow- covered taiga, the characters will go through, they will go through passionate love, duel, wedding ceremony, betrayal and broken heart’ languour during walls’ whitewashing.

    The Author of the play Dmitry Lipskerov — famous Russian writer, who wrote «40 years Chanchzhoe», «Demons in paradise», «Leonid will definitely die», «Last dream of the mind». After his first novel’s publication he was placed together with Schiller, Russo, Gogol, Saltikov- Schedrin, Kafka, Salinger, Gesse, somebody calls him Russian Markes.