E.-E. Shchmitt / Small hall

    Rating: 18+
    Duration — 1:30
    The premiere took place on 2 November, 2007


    Character's and person's:

    One famous philosopher Didreau needs to write an article for «Encyclopaedia» on the topic of «Morality». But he is always being distructed from work by charming women: witty and beautiful portrait artist, adorable wife, young daughter and her seductive girlfriend. So who is the winner: the science or the nature?

    But the harlotry in the play is an intellectual one first of all. This is human’s mind harlotry addicted both to philosophy and love. So the most pleasant action for the characters is an argument. Who is the winner: a man or a woman?

    Erick-Emmanuel Schmidt, the author:

    — Didreau is surrounded by women, but he is a philosopher, and everybody percepts him like that. However, every woman is a philosopher as well, moreover, every woman brings absolutely new philosophy of her own. That’s why it’s so difficult for Didreau to understand this network of the woman’s soul…

    A bit of philosophy, a bit of sitcom, a bit of detective story, a bit of spice — and as a result we have a very elegant French anecdote about man’ and woman’s relationship.