The Hen Night Above the Eternal Peace

I. Menchell / Play / Small hall

    Rating: 16+
    Duration — 2:30
    The premiere took place on 27 April, 2007


    Character's and person's:

    Why do three pretty women in such age «when life is just getting started» gather for the hen night every month? Why did they choose such an intriguing place where it’s more suitable to say goodbye than to gather? And why this «circle of people connected by interests» comes apart? Look for the man when the women are quarreling.
    Here he is! A charming guy who will «bring in» the life.

    This is a story not about three witches who are getting older and a seductive vampire. It’s even not about vampires or crazy homeless people. It’s a bout us — people alive. People who love and get jealous, surrounded by friends and lonely at the same time, suffering and organizing cheerful boozes, pretending and sincere.

    Three women… three life views, three temperaments. Three brilliant actresses in the play full of humor, charm and optimism. It’s about love. Love for life.