Portia Coughlan

M. Carr / Small hall

    Rating: 18+
    Duration — 2:20
    The premiere took place on 3 October, 2007


    Character's and person's:

    The play participated in the New British Drama Festival (which will be held from July 3 to July 11 in the year 2006 at Moscow’s Vs. Meyerhold Theater Center). It’s a joint production of «Modern Drama Festival» and the British Council in Russia.

    «Portia Coughlan» — is one of the most interesting plays by Marina Carr. This is a play-mystery that suggests the spectator several variations of the plot development.

    The main heroine, Portia Coughlan, is going through a hard time — a young woman feels that her life got out of her hand.

    Loving faithful husband, whom she married early and for money, three children left without love and attention, strange family relations, Belmont river with its dark legends, — all these never leave her in peace.

    15 years ago her twin-brother drowned in mysterious circumstances in this river. «When the Lord was distributing souls, I guess he either mixed mine and Gabriel’s or gave us one for two, and mine drowned with him in the river…» — Portia says to her mother.

    With the loss of Gabriel she feels she is going to lose herself and the world around her. Portia tries to keep her feet by means of balancing on the verge of earnest love and blind hate, passion and indifference that make her going crazy, thirst and impossibility to live.

    The author of the play Marina Carr belongs to the new generation of Irish dramatists and is well known in the US and other countries over the world.

    Her drama is a mixture of Irish color and theatrical classics’ interpretation.

    Marina Carr dwells upon the topics of «men — women» confrontation, «human — fortune» opposition in the scale of classical poetics. The combination of cruelty with the black humor makes her works strangely poetical.