And This One Fell Out From the Nest

D. Wasserman / the play in 2 acts (based on K. Kesey “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”) / Large hall

    Rating: 18+
    Duration — 2:20
    The premiere took place on 26 April, 2008


    Character's and person's:

    One book is not enough to make the son of a quite respectable farmer from Colorado the prophet of the whole generation.

    Ken Kesey turned the human’s mind inside out. He didn’t break the law roughly but he was breaking public canons. According to the press, «Kesey made a mess that gave birth to enzymes of all cultural events of the epoch- from psychedelic arts up to acid rock and dance festivals in San- Francisco».

    The novel 27 years old Kesey wrote under the influence of LSD became «The Bible of the 60-ies», the manifesto for the «children- flowers». Bob Dylan thought he would have never changed his life views without this novel. Jimmie Hendricks said this book was the only one he could read up to the end.

    «What did Ken Kesey do for me? — the writer Aizek Cronin says. — He helped me to escape from my small provincial town. He tore the strait-jacket that the family keeps people in. It was the road to freedom.»

    «Somebody succeeds to be himself». McMerphy -the character from Kesey’s novel, who breaks the ideal routine of the factory that produces «happy» and «healthy» patients of the lunatic asylum, is well known for Milosh Forman’s movie «One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest».

    Alexander Zikov, the director:

    — The movie is great. It seems like there is only one character — McMerphy. Yes, Nickolson is a super actor. But besides that, it seems to me the director wasn’t interested in any other character. Nickolson «stifled» all the rest. Every character is an individuality. Everybody is interesting. What about Billy who fell in love for the first time in his life? What about Rackley who stretches his arms out as if he were the Christ? And what about Martini who constantly sees somebody around him? Everybody has a story.