I. Bauersima / Small hall

    Rating: 18+
    Duration — 1:30
    The premiere took place on 19 November, 2004


    Character's and person's:

    «Norway. Today» is the play that became cult in Europe in a moment. It’s translated on more than 20 languages of the world already and its author is called as a «modern classicist». Czech dramatist writing in Dutch Igor Bauersima is the laureate of the most prestigious European awards in the sphere of theatre and cinema.

    Norway. Today. A girl and a guy who decided to commit a suicide get acquainted in the chat room. They go to the mountains together. Here they will spend only one night before they throw themselves on the chasm. However very important events take place in their lives during this time.

    Alexander Savchyuk, the director:

    «What is it about? Not about the suicide of course, it is the ground only. Our performance is about love, about two parts that are looking for each other. It’s a very lyrical story, so bright and lively. It’s valuable for main ideas. How do we grow up? How do we stop concentrating on our inner feelings and start understanding the reality and the real person near us. This play is about our responsibility for each other and for the real sincere feeling.

    I hope the play will be interesting not for young people only because it’s also important for parents to feel what’s happening to their children. When we are young it often seems to us that we know how to live. And later it occurs that our parents understand everything deeply.

    Everything in this world has been already thought out and said before- we just need to accept».

    The music used: Radiohead, Uncle, Bjork, Tool