Richard III

W. Shakespeare / tragifarce in 2 acts / Large hall

    Rating: 18+
    Duration — 3:00
    The premiere took place on 18 February, 2005


    Character's and person's:

    The performance was awarded by Novosibirsk Theatrical Prize «Paradise»-2005 in the following nominations:

    • the best artistically-produced project,
    • the best scenography,
    • the best actor (Vladimir Lemeshonok).

    Riccardo Sottili:

    — «Richard III» is the play that can help us to gain an understanding of the modern world, politics, and wars. It’s Richard’s time today. It’s the realization of the history apart from moral ethical opinions, something that has to happen whether our attitude towards it is good or bad. And we’ll find strength to look at it with irony.

    England in the middle of the XV century. 20 years without war. The battles of Scarlet and White Roses are in the past. Richard, the younger brother of the king Eduard is just at the beginning of his way to the peak of the power. He has always been faithful and valiant warrior, fighting for his brother. But now he is ready to stop at nothing. «The fist is our conscience, the sword is our law» — Richard proclaims.

    The women yield themselves prisoners to him without fighting, the men trust him as if they were children, and in the very end it becomes even funny…But in the world of chaos and outrages should be strength to stop the tyrant. If only it won’t be the new Richard.

    One of the greatest tragedies by Shakespeare «Richard the III» has never been staged in Novosibirsk before. The idea to stage this scale play in our theatre came to Riccardo Sottili’ mind (Italian director). It’s his second time working in Russia (after St. Petersburg).

    Actors don’t leave the stage during the whole performance- almost all music they play live: the trumpet’ part, the flute, the contrabass, complicated ensemble of drums. During the interval Shakespeare’ characters socialize with spectators, actors make people feel as they are the participants of the events of the play.