Dear Pamela

J. Patrick / comedy in 2 acts / Large hall

    Rating: 16+
    Duration — 2:50
    The premiere took place on 7 October, 2004


    Character's and person's:

    The character of an odd old lady, blessed with ability to change the people surrounding her was played by the most prominent actresses of the XX century. Fist «Russian Pamela» was played by Tatiana Peltser.

    «Red Torch» is lucky to have its own certain Pamela — incomparable Anna Pokidchenko, pure talent just like her heroine.

    John Patrick’ play’s success in the majority of theatres (Moscow «Lencom», «Theatre of Satire») is not by chance: it’s touching, bright story, as kind as her heroine — amazing Pamela.

    Lonely odd Pamela lives in a deserted house and resembles «an exhibit» from the dump, the only creature she socializes with is the old cat called Mister Tanner. But she is blessed with inexhaustible belief in good. Only this gift helps her to work wonders: to change the world and people, to flame their hearts up with light and hope. And even gangsters — losers will turn out to be not that lost people.