Story of Glupov-town

M. Saltykov-Schedrin / Large hall

    Rating: 16+
    Duration — 2:55
    The premiere took place on 17 December, 2011


    Character's and person's:

    … Native our town of Glupov, making extensive commerce in kvass, liver and boiled eggs, has three rivers and, in harmony to ancient Rome, is situated on seven mountains, on which in a glaze ice the great variety of crews breaks.

    The difference consists only in the fact that Rome was infected by violence, and we – by meekness. In Rome the foul common people raged, and at us — the heads.

    put at different times to the town of Glupov from the higher heads:

    B r u d a s t y, Dementy Varlamovitch. Was appointed in a hurry and had a special device in his a head, for what was nicknamed «Little organ». (In the role of Brudasty — actors Alexander and Jury Drozdovs.)

    F e r d y s h c h e n k o, Peter Petrovitch, brigadier. Former batman of prince Potyomkin. Had not very extensive mind, was tongue-tied. Let much arrears appeared; liked eating cold baked pork and the goose with cabbage. During his command the town went through famine and fire. Died in 1779 from overeating. (In the role of Ferdyshchenko — the honored artist of Russia Sergey Novikov).

    B o r o d a v k i n, Vasilisk Semenovitch. Headed the campaign against defaulters, burnt thirty-three villages, and with these measures took 2 and fifty rubles of arrears. (In the role of Borodavkin — Oleg Majboroda).

    M i k a l a d z e, prince, Ksavery Georgievitch. Had a seductive appearance and was so crazy about women that increased Glupov’s population double. Left a useful guidance on this subject. Died in 1814 from exhaustion. (In the role of Mikeladze – actor Pavel Poliakov.)

    G r u s t i l o v, Erast Andreevitch, counsellor of State. Was notable for tenderness and sensibility of heart, liked having tea in the city grove and could not stop tears watching the blackcocks performing courtship rituals. Left several opuses of idyllic content and died from melancholy in 1825. (In the role of Grustilov – honored artist of Russia Valery Chumichev.)

    U g r u m-B u r c h e e v, former fraud. Destroyed ancient town and built it at a new place. (In the role of this one – actor Konstantin Telegine.)

    Other Glupov citizens participated in all designated events: honored artists of Russia Victoria Levchenko, Vladimir Lemeshonok, Svetlana Sergeeva, Mikhail Strelkov, Valentina Shironina, actors Sergey Bogomolov, Natalya Golubnichaya, Constantine Kolesnik, Alexander Kondakov, Irina Krivonos, Valeria Kruchinina, Antonina Kuznetsova, Alexander Kuchmezov, Oleg Majboroda, Danil Ljapustin, Svetlana Plotnikova, Mikhail Seleznev, Evgenia Turkova, Vladimir Chistiakov, Denis Frank.

    Submissive chronicler of Glupov-town – production director Dmitry Egorov.