«Locust» or «Prima Donnas»?

Large hall

    Vote Results:

    By the vote results the performance «Locust» stays in the repertoire until the end of the season.
    You can see «Prima Donnas» at the last time on 8 and 23 January.

    Alexander Kuljabin:
    — We are ready to repeat such experiment: to determine by spectators’ voting which performance would continue its scenic life. Of course, it is not always possible: sometimes the reason of performance’s removal is a severe necessity. But it is a very interesting beginning and it should exist. Spectators vote and defend their rights: right to see exactly what they want seeing. And it is great!

    Alexander Zykov:
    — During the action I was ready that «Prima Donnas» would win. However whichever you look spectators often say: «Came to the theatre — had a nice rest». But it is more important to the theatre when the audience that prefers «Locust» comes and votes for «Locust». Fine and intelligent audience. Cause spectators are our friends. The most important conclusion from the past vote is that we have nice and intelligent friends.

    Alexander Kuljabin:
    — I would hardly agree completely with Alexander Markovitch. Spectators have rights to choose. One likes one thing, another prefers another thing. The fact that majority of spectators chose «Locust» is a great happiness for us. But I am also very thankful to the people who voted for «Prima Donnas». We should also take account of opinions of those spectators for whom theatre is a holiday. And spectators’ activity, response, participation weren’t less important as a result.

    Dear spectators, you could comment the results here. :)