Ronald Kharwood / comedy in 2 acts / Small hall

    Rating: 18+
    Duration — 1:50
    The premiere took place on 28 September, 2010


    Character's and person's:

    Ronald Harwood — author of many plays and scenarios, laureate of the Pulitzer Prize, famous to a wide audience as a script writer of Roman Polansky’s movies «Pianist» and «Oliver Twist». His play «Quartet» is a comedy on a favourite subject: art and people of art, owners of minds, idols of public.

    The events of the play are happening at the English province — county Kent. The characters of «Quartet» are four famous in former time opera singers on a pension.

    Their calm and measured life explodes with news about forthcoming concert — they are offered to perform the quartet from the opera by G.Verdi «Rigoletto», the one that once made them famous... And before they agree each will pass the way of souvenirs about his mysterious and wonderful past... Each will open the secrets of his life, unknown before... They will appear at the stage to perform their famous opera quartet and to plunge into the world of divine music.