Autograph session of Maxim Bitukov and Mikhail Mikhaylov

Large hall

    Rating: 18+
    Duration — 1:00
    The premiere took place on 7 May, 2009

    Thanks to everybody who took part in the action!

    At seven cash desk is usually closed and the cashier goes home. But someday it will be different. Once in the evening the Red and the Fat will be waiting for you and will give you something.

    Only on 7th of May from 19 till 20 the Red clown (Maxim Bitukov) and the Fat clown (Mikhail Mikhailov) are the hosts of the cash desk! You have unique opportunity to communicate and take a photo with favorite actors, buy the ticket for the last «Mortal Trick» in this season (14 and 15 of May) and get an autograph and small surprise.

    By the way, 13th of May is the Black clown (Lavrenty Sorokin)’s time.

    Information: 210-01-64

    Cash desk: Lenin’s street, 19 (entrance from Revolution street), t. 210-06-71

    The tickets are from 100 till 300 rubles