B. Srblyanovich / Large hall

    Rating: 18+
    Duration — 3:00
    The premiere took place on 27 March, 2009


    Character's and person's:

    Bilyana Srblyanovich — is a modern Serbian dramatist, one of the most popular in Europe. She is the prize winner of Several National awards, Ernst Toller’s Award (1999), European Drama Award (2007).

    In the play «Locust» we see relations in the family, that the author presents as a model of the big world with it’s cruelty and lack of ability to listen to each other. Srblyanovich’ plays made a revolution in drama life of the century’s boundary. In one interview she confessed that she is writing about the things she is constantly thinking of and feels that everybody should desire to change the world around.

    Ilya Kutyansky, Fagilya Selskaya, Sergey Martinov, Linda Akhmetsyanova

    Nadezhda, Milan, Dada, Freddy, Alegra, Janne, Max, Mr. Ignyatovich, Mr. Jovich, Mr. Simich, Mrs. Petrovich