P. Sheffer / play in 2 acts / Large hall

    Rating: 18+
    Duration — 3:20
    The premiere took place on 19 April, 2003


    Character's and person's:

    The mystery of Mozart’s death worries the mankind not only as one of the most mysterious events through the history. It also serves as the cause for touching human’s soul in its highest and lowest manifestations. Fantastical almost detective version of Amadeus’ death (murder?) drawn by English dramatist doesn’t lay a claim to absolute actual truth because the mystery of The Genius’ death is incomparably smaller than The genius himself.

    Stylish and «exaggeratedly» laconic scenography makes well-known story modern again. It is fulfilled with luxury and glitter of gracious costumes of the XVIII century, splendid wigs of Mozart’s epoch and video trick effects of the XXI century.