«Locust» or «Prima Donnas»? (18+)

A school specializing in drama (18+)

D. Lipskerov

Amadeus (18+)

P. Sheffer
play in 2 acts

And This One Fell Out From the Nest (18+)

D. Wasserman
the play in 2 acts (based on K. Kesey “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”)

Autograph session of Lavrenty Sorokin and Mikhail Mikhaylov (18+)

The clowns from «Mortal Trick» are waiting for you in the theatre

Autograph session of Maxim Bitukov and Mikhail Mikhaylov (18+)

Dear Pamela (16+)

J. Patrick
comedy in 2 acts

Goat Island (18+)

U. Betti

How the soldier Ivan Chonkin was guarding the plane (18+)

Play by J. Kim, the music by V. Dashkevich
musical in 2 acts

Libertine (18+)

E.-E. Shchmitt

Locust (18+)

B. Srblyanovich

Macbeth (16+)

W. Shakespeare
legend in 3 acts

Man, best and virtue (18+)

Luigi Pirandello

Masquerade (12+)

M. Lermontov
Charade in three acts. With Igor Belozerov.

Memorial prayer (12+)

Grigory Gorin
Eternal story. With Semen Furman.

Merry Wives of Windsor (16+)

W. Shakespeare

Mortal Trick (18+)

O. Antonov
farce in 2 acts

Ninety years old — how will you like it. (18+)

Юбилейный вечер в честь 90-летия.

Norway.Today (18+)

I. Bauersima

Not so nothing (12+)

Yosef Bar-Yosef
sort of comedy in 2 acts

Parvenu (18+)

Jean-Baptiste Moliere

Portia Coughlan (18+)

M. Carr

Prima Donnas (18+)

K. Ludwig
comedy in 2 acts

Quartet (18+)

Ronald Kharwood
comedy in 2 acts

Queen of Spades (12+)

A. Pushkin
game in 2 acts

Richard III (18+)

W. Shakespeare
tragifarce in 2 acts

Sponger (12+)

Ivan Turgenev
comedy in 2 acts

Story of Glupov-town (16+)

M. Saltykov-Schedrin

Suitcases background Step (16+)

Richard Bayer
liric comedy

Supper of fools (16+)

Francis Veber

Sylvia (16+)

by Albert Ramsdell Gurney, Jr.’s play

Tartuf (18+)

J.-B. Moliere
comedy in 2 acts

The Hen Night Above the Eternal Peace (16+)

I. Menchell

When will it snow (18+)

Dina Rubina